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Tuesday, June 17th
The Book of Mormon comes to South Park
Guy rescues a puppy found 350 feet down in a deep slot canyon
Old Spice's ode to Brazil
How the U.S. reacts to a goal
How Betamax lost to VHS
Celebrity Chef Ted Allen Cooks His Favorite Pretentious Foodie Bullsh*t Meal
Brian Williams Raps 'Baby Got Back'
Three men bark Mozart
Monday, June 16th
Flying BMW
This elderly gentleman shows you how to climb trees
Can you imagine waking up to this while you're sleeping?
Just coming across a black bear in the woods...
The Killer Clown is Back
Guy edits himself into a Britney Spears music video...
Fast Food ADS vs. Reality Experiment
Dad is not a fan of his son's tattoos
Saturday, June 14th
You Frickin' Fricks! WHEN WILL YOU LEARN!?
Rick and Morty on Promo Videos
Sodium Metal vs. Water Pond
McDonald's FIFA World Cup ad is actually pretty good
Friday, June 13th
Mass Incarceration in the U.S.
Jack White Doesn't Want Cell Phones at His Concerts
Ice Cube Says Nice Things Angrily
Cat stays perched on this girl's head while she goes about her nightly routine
Coca-Cola reinvents 16 bottle caps to give second lives to empty bottles
Cheap Coffee Gets Reviewed by a Coffee Expert
'Birdman' Trailer Starring Michael Keaton, Edward Norton and Zach Galifianakis
Adriana Lima Football vs. Futbol
Samurai vs. Soccer Ball
Miniature VW Van 3-wheeled soap car driven at high speed
A 7.2 foot tall orc goes grocery shopping
The Supergenius
Thursday, June 12th
Gary the goat needs to get his act together
Game of Thrones vs. Lord of the Rings
Game of Thrones, the New Orleans version
This is what happens when you claim that your lock is unpickable
Conan O'Brien reviews Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U
Trailer for the new Banksy movie 'Better Out Than In'
Anderson Cooper tries a schizophrenia simulator
39 Facts About Comedy
Motorcycle jumps over a plane flying five feet from the ground
Guy gets stuck overnight in the Las Vegas airport, makes a music video by himself
The Best Vines of June 2014 so far
CG Facial Rigs are getting pretty advanced
Wednesday, June 11th
New rocket engine burns wax and laughing gas, sounds awesome powering up
Millennials 101
Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9 'Shot Through the Heart' Remix (MAJOR SPOILERS)
GoPro footage of a mountain biker going through the Scottish Highlands
So did Dave Chappelle ever really quit his show?
Bumblebee caught in a spider's web gets rescued by another bumblebee
Steve Irwin gets bitten in the face by a snake, handles it like a pro.
1,000 people 1,000 Ghost chilies in Copenhagen
The 10 Best Optical Illusions of 2014
Sh*t VFX Showreels Say
#YesAllWomen: Facts the media didn't tell you
Clarinet Pole Dancing
Tuesday, June 10th
Why Does Time Exist?
Water mimicking the behavior of a slinky
Star Wars Battlefront E3 2014 Trailer
The Plywood Olympics
The Last Game ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Zlatan, Iniesta & more
Lightning in Ultra Slow Motion
Japan's FIFA 2022 bid included projecting 3D holograms of the games to fields live across the world
Lightning Bolt vs. Tree
That moment you realize that dropping your vehicle was probably not a great idea
This guy lives in a Boeing 727 in the middle of the woods
Epic Hawaii 5-0 Drum Fill
Dog loves getting a leaf blower in the face
Monday, June 9th
Just watching T.V. with a giant black-throated monitor
Female DOTA 2 player gets robbed during a live stream
Hugh Jackman delivers a rap rendition of The Music Man with LL Cool J and T.I. at the 2014 Tony Awards
If Michael Bay reimagined Beavis and Butthead
John Oliver breaks down why FIFA is a disgusting organization
Delete Your Facebook
Bowling Trick Shots
Snowmobile Close Call
Don't show up late to a field hockey match
Dog eats a lemon for the first time and goes nuts
Mexican Coke vs. American Coke Taste Test
If Harry Potter were directed by Guy Ritchie
Sunday, June 8th
Killer dance moves with a soccer ball
Spectacular time lapse of a dam removal with water still behind it
The drummer of Weezer catches a frisbee tossed at him while keeping up without missing a beat
The first Vine video taken in space
Lightning strikes a truck!
Sir-Mix-A-Lot performs 'Baby Got Back' with the Seattle Symphony
Good reason to keep your eyes on the road
Audi's way of welcoming Porsche back to the 24h of Le Mans
Outstanding cricket teamwork catch
Ninja Squirrel vs. Stoners
Mark Hamill does the voice of the Joker talking to Luke Skywalker
Rare Siberian tigers get released back into the wild in far east Russia
Saturday, June 7th
This video will break your heart in six seconds
A Literal Benchpress
Why We Laugh
Virtual Reality Arms
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