Thursday, April 24th
Key and Peele do a spot on Hell's Kitchen parody
A clever compilation of all the 'F' words in 'Wolf of Wall Street'
How to supercharge your pepper grinder
Woman doesn't want her face on camera during interview, cameraman decides to point it at her cameltoe...(NSFW)
The Prodigy's "Breathe" without words
Who needs traffic lights? Not Ethiopia
Fingersnapping the Super Mario Brothers theme song
Base jumping off the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world
How bugs keep themselves in shape
The Best NBA Video Bombs from the 2013-2014 Season
18 Famous People Who Are Missing Body Parts
Wednesday, April 23rd
Snoop Dogg finds a real easter bunny, look at the joy on his face
The coolest security guard ever
Why you shouldn't buy a skateboard at Walmart
90s trance anthems played on the guitar, yes Sandstorm is in there
A $5.8 million pair of matching singing bird pistols, only one in the world
Pigeon races cars on the highway, does over 55mph
How to get your dogs to stop bothering you
Multi-axis laser cutting tools are magnificent pieces of technology
Extremely well trained dog
Cannon Firing in Slow Motion (2,500fps)
Brian Williams addresses his emerging rap career
Tuesday, April 22nd
Tree is only pretending to be cut down, it's all an act you see
Polish weaponry has really come a long way
Ever wanted to know what it's like being in the air while fireworks go off?
Hamster shoves five carrots into his mouth
Look at the power behind that bagel slicer...
I before E except after C...sort of
A quick little jig and then: boop!
Just giving your teammate a helping hand (NSFW)
SpaceX's first flight test for their reusable Falcon 9 rocket (250M)
Brian Williams Raps 'Gin and Juice'
Boys night in gets real strange real quick
Alton Brown's mustard bottle solution
Monday, April 21st
Russian Levitating Platform
Everything is a Remix: The Matrix
Cat fishing for cats
VFA-27's "Shoot 'Em If You Got 'Em" Cruise Video Teaser
How to fight tall people
Dude just walks through a Russian wedding
Parents Suck!
What Zoolander is like without any dialogue
Did you know some McDonald's managers were ordered to cheat their employees?
Speaker Janice Fiamengo gets childishly silenced by feminists
How not to start an interview with an actor
Bonobo builds a fire and toasts marshmallows
Sunday, April 20th
A cathedral of light inside a 385-foot-tall gas tank
The luckiest paper airplane throw ever
Glengarry Glen Ross meets The Wolf of Wall Street
The exact moment this kid found out he was a wizard
A Genuine Bad Ass: World War II pilot catches another plane shooting down men in parachutes, responds in kind
Sniper Pug
SNL actors breaking character despite their best efforts otherwise
Rick and Morty discuss the political correctness of calling someone retarded
Graham Norton calls Jamie Foxx out on some of his lyrics, may or may not have turned on Emma Stone
Police officer accidentally shoots himself after a dog 'attacks him', news shows kids playing with the same dog
'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' In a Nutshell
A Baffling Ballon Behavior
Saturday, April 19th
Big Shot Fighter vs. Bored Russian
Old Jeep spring leaf gets reforged into a knife
I'm betting this guy isn't going to go skydiving again
1994: Guy comes at Prince Charles with a gun, Charles plays it cool
Guy with the problematic Porsche 911 gives an update!
Japanese baseball player Munenori Kawasaki gives a great post game interview, is still learning english
The honey badger is incredibly intelligent, solves problems like a human
Brother loses a bet and has to dance out on the street, random people start joining in
Best Fails for Week 3 April 2014
Mini-Cooper tumbles wildly into the crowd
Amazing Anti-Thief Security Case from the 60s
Effective $20 Fishing Line Prank
Friday, April 18th
Hooray, the Portugese made an air drone! Oh...
Guy can barely keep it together while he creates his Dark Souls 2 character
When Strippers Get Bored
This guy manages to make roller blades look bad ass
Breaking down how a pyro board works
Poor guy saves up for Porsche 911, has nothing but problems with it
Dave Gorman's excellent math stand-up routine
Google takes a stand against vertical videos
Guy makes his own electromagnetic Spider-Man web shooter
How cricket balls were made in the 50s
Canadian Police Chase
Parks and Recreation Blooper: Hot Snakes
Thursday, April 17th
Poor guy's voice cracks while singing the national anthem
Final Trailer for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'
Why Are Babies So Cute?
Taylor Swift surprises one of her fans during her briday party
Oh hey, just new boot goofin'
Guy gets nailed by the stage during a presentation
Honest Trailers: The Wolf of Wall Street
Ben Gazsi builds a nine foot eco-sculpture of a bear using all natural materials
Black guy with a soda gets pushed into a mosh pit
High schooler squats 615lbs, is powered by the primal screams of his brethren
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